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Sri Padmavati Srinivasa Kalyanam.


Om Sree Venkatesaya Namonamah.
Sri Padmavati Srinivasa Kalyanam.

Sriyah kaantaaya kalyaana nidhaye nidhayerdhinaam !
Sree venkata nivaasaaya sreenivaasaya mangalam !!

Mount Venkatachalam is the most powerful divine land, where Lord Vekateswara, the visible God of Kaliyuga descended and stayed. Tirumala which existed since the beginning of creation is called by seven names as Venkataachalam, Garudaachalam, Neelaadri, Seshaadri, Naaraayanaadri, Vrushabhaadri and Anjanaadri. The God is named as Sree Venkateswara Swamy because he is existing as the Lord of the mount Venkataachalam.

Brahmandapuranam says :
Venkatesa samam sthaanam brahmaande naasti kaschana I
Venkatesa samo devo na bhuto na bhavishyati II

In the beginning of creation, by the will of Sreemannaraayana, God Brahma Deva, the creator emanated from the lotus like navel of Sreemannaraayana. Chaturmukha Brahmadeva started to create the universe and created fourteen Codmic Worlds , the cluster of Gods, then created Swaayambhuva Manuvu and Satarupa Devi the first human couple and entrusted the duty of expanding humanity to the couple. Manuvu wanted to do his duty of expansion of creatures on the earth. But he could not see the earth anywhere. Demon Hiranyaksha hid the earth in the womb of ocean. Sreemannaarayana descended as Sweta Varaha Swamy, killed the Raakshasa Hiranyaasksha and protected the earth. This is his first Avataara. Because Lord decended as Sweta Varaaha, this Kalpa is named as Swetavaraaha Kalpa. The divyakshetram where he descended has become Sree Aadivarahakshetram. That Aadivarahakshetram is our Tirumala. Tiru means Sree and Mala means mountain. Adis’esha became the mountain S’eshachala. All Devatas and Chaturmukha Brahma prayed Sri Maha Vishnu to come and stay on this mountain.

As per their desire Sri Maha Vishnu searching for Sree Mahalakshmi, came to earth as Srinivasa, descended on this mountain Venkataachalam and stayed there in an idol form. He is called as Sree Venkateswara Swamy, because he is the Lord of Venkataachalam.

During Sri Maha Vishnu’s Krishnaavatara, Yasoda Maata brought up Sri Krishna from childhood cudling, caressing and showering lot of love on him. She enjoyed all his childhood but could not see even one marriage though Sri Krishna married eight queens. So Yasoda Maata asked Sri Krishna, “Kannayya! Can I have the bliss of seeing your Kalyaanam?” Then Sri Krishna assured her that she would see his marriage in Kaliyuga. Yasoda Mata took birth as Vakula Mata and performed the marriage of Srinivasa with Padmavati. At the end of his avatar as Srinivasa, Sri Maha Vishnu left his ‘Tejas’ (lustre) on the mountain in the form of a murthi (idol) and went back to Vaikuntham. That is the reason why the Murthi at Tirumala is not just an idol but the manifestation of Sreemannarayana. Sree Venkateswara Swamy is standing there firmly as Archaa Murthi for us to worship. The avatar of Sree Venkateswara Swamy is the avatar for blessing the whole mankind. Vem means sins. Kata means destroyer. Venkateswara is one who destroys our sins.

In the beginning of this Kalpa, while Kasyapa Prajapati was performing a Yagna, a discussion took place as to who amongst the Trimurtis was eligible to receive the Yajna Phala or benefits of Yaga. They requested Bhrugu Maharshi to decide who was having Suddha Satva Gunas among Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswsra. Bhrugu Maharshi consented and visited first Satya Loka. There Brahma Deva was fully immersed in listening to the music being played by Saraswati Devi. He did not observe the arrival of Bhrugu Maharshi. Brahma Deva paid no attention even when Bhrugu Maharshi addressed him.

From there Bhrugu Maharshi went to Kailasam. There Maha Deva along with Parvati Devi was doing the dance of Aananda Taandava. Siva Maha Deva did not observe Bhrugu Maharshi.

From there Bhrugu Maharshi went to Vaikuntham. Sree Maha Vishnu was resting on Adi Sesha with half closed eyes while Lakshmi Devi was massaging his feet. They too did not observe the arrival of Bhrugu Maharshi. Bhrugu Maharshi got annoyed. Bhrugu Maharshi approached Sri Maha Vishnu saying loudly, “Don’t you observe the arrival of us, the Brahmarshis?” and hit Sri Maha Vishnu on his chest with his leg. Sri Maha Vishnu with his hands, which always bless and protect the entire world, held the Maharshi’s legs and said, ” By hitting my hard chest your soft feet might have been pained” and while doing massage to the leg he crushed the eye of arrogance in the sole. Immediately Bhrugu Maharshi’s arrogance of being greater than even the Trimurtis as he was testing their greatness, has gone.

Realisation came over Bhrugu Maharshi that he was not greater than the Trimurthis. He was their devotee. He fell on the feet of Sri Maha Vishnu repenting for his arrogance and prayed. Sri Hari consoled him. Afterwards, Bhrugu Maharshi returned to earth and declared that amongst the Trimurtys, Sri Maha Vishnu is most Satva Guna Sampanna. He is most eligible to receive the Yajna Phala or benefits.

Sree Mahalakshmi got annoyed because Bhrugu Maharshi hit on the chest of Sri Maha Vishnu which was her abode. She became angry and left Vaikuntham. She went to the earth and settled at Kolhapur doing penance.

When Sri Maha Lakshmi left him, Sri Maha Vishnu who lost Lakshmi Kala came down to earth searching for Sree Mahalakshmi. He arrived at the place, which now we call as Tirumala. He went inside an ant hill and remained there. For solving this situation, Parvati Devi changed her appearance as a she cow herd. Chaturmukha Brahma disguised himself as a cow and Lord Shiva as the calf. She went along with them to the king of Chola and sold them to him. The cow and calf were sent to Gosaala. When the cow herd took them into the forest for grazing, the cow was going to that ant hill where in Srinivasa was staying. The cow was releasing milk as a flow from her udders into the ant hill and quenching the hunger of Srinivasa. Thus the cow sustained the Lord.

The cow herd observed that the cow was not giving milk when he tried to milk her. The cow herd complained to the king about this and also started observing it as to why it was not giving milk. He observed that the cow was going to the ant hill and releasing its milk there. The angry cow herd threw his stick to hit the cow. It hit the cow and also hit Srinivasa, injuring him on the chin resulting in bleeding.

The Lord cursed him to become a devil. Immediately the cow herd boy repented, fell at the feet of Lord and prayed to excuse him. Lord Srinivasa pardoned him and said that he would regain his normalcy after the Kalyaana of Srinivad's. He also granted a boon to the cow herd boy that his decendents would be blessed with the fortune of seeing Him first when he emerges as Lord Venkateswara on Tirumala. Even now it is the descendants of that Cowherd family, who, holding the lamp in hand, first open the main doors of sanctum Sanctorum and get the fortune of having Lord's dars'an.

Srinivasa asks Sri Varaaha Swamy to give him land so that he could reside there till the end of Kaliyuga. Sri Varaha Swamy agrees for that but imposes a condition that the devotees should take the dars’anam of Srinivasa only after taking dars’anam of himself. Srinivasa agreed for that condition. Sri Varaaha Swamy sends Vakula Mata to look after Srinivasa and serve him.

Vakula Mata was none other than Yas'oda Mata in her previous birth. During her previous life as Yasoda Mata, she longed very much to see the parinayam of Sri Krishna, whom she had brought up. That desire of seeing the kalyanam of Srinivasa would now be fulfilled for Vakula Mata. During that time the king of Tonda Mandalam was Aakaas’a Raju. Initially Aakaas’a Raaju was not having any children. He wanted to perform a Yaaga for getting blessings for getting children. He was tilling the land for preparing for Yaaga. Then he found a golden lotus. Inside the lotus was a beautiful baby girl.

Aakaas’a Raju and his wife Dharani Devi took that baby to their home. They named her as Padmavati since she was found in a lotus – Padma. They were bringing her up caressing and fondling. Then she grew up into marriageable age. One day Narada Maharshi visited their house and told Padmavati Devi that Sri Maha Vishnu would marry her. One day Srinivasa went out for hunting and tried to hunt an elephant.

The elephant goes away in the direction of Padmavati Devi. Srinivasa and Padmavati see each other. Padmavati tells her confidantes to find out who he was. He tells them that his name was Srinivasa and he would marry Padmavati. Padmavati returns to her place along with her confidantes. Srinivasa returns to his house.
Vakula Maata on seeing Srinivasa in pensive mood without any activity, enquires the reason. Srinivasa tells her about Padmavati and requests her to get Padmavati married to him.
Srinivasa also tells her the reason for getting married to her. During Tretayuga, Ravana sees Vedavati who was doing penance and got infatuated for her. Then Vedavati tells Ravana that she would become the cause for his death and immolates herself into fire she created. Agni Deva saves her and treats her like father by keeping with him. When Ravana goes for abduction of Seeta Devi, Agni Deva removes Seeta Devi and securely hides her. He keeps Vedavati in her place. Ravana mistaking Vedavati as Seeta Devi, takes her away with him. After annihilation of Ravana, at the time of Seeta Mata’s agnipraves’am, Agni Deva hands over the true Seeta Devi to Sree Ramachandra Murthy.

Then Vedavati desires Sree Ramchandra Murthy to marry her. But he tells about his Ekapatneevratam in that avatara, and tells SitaDevi that he would marry Vedavaty in the next avatara in Kaliyuga. That Vedavaty, the Luster of Lakshmi Devi took birth as Padmavati. As such, Srinivasa wanted to marry Padmavati. Vakula Mata goes in disguise as a prophecy teller, Erukalasani to Narayanapuram, the town of Padmavati, meets Akasa Raju and tells him the prophecy that the marriage of Padmavati and Srinivasa would happen. Later Akas'a Raju sought the advice of Deva Guru Bhruhaspati. Bhruhaspati advices him to perform the marriage of Padmavati with Srinivasa.

Vakula Mata along with Srinivasa approaches Akasa Raju and asks for Padmavati to be given as her daughter-in-law. Akas'a Raju agrees happily. For his marriage Srinivasa takes loan from Kubera. Srinivasa tells Kubera that he would be repaying the loan till the end of Kaliyuga. Sri Govinda Varada Raja Swamy was the witness for the agreement. We can see the loan agreement and the Sola (cylindrical shaped vessel) for measuring the interest, at the temple of Sri Govinda Varada Raja Swamy in Tirupati.

In the presence of Brahma, Vishnu, Maheswara, Deities and Rushis, Srinivasa Kalyanam with Padmavati was celebrated with all pomp and splendor. Akasa Raju is Surya Bhagavan. The flower that blooms or opens with sun rays is lotus or Padma. We cite Padmas for blooming, delicacy, beauty and fragrance. On this earth entire beings live because of sun. That is why that activity was said as his daughter Padmavati. All the wealth on this earth is nothing but Lakshmi Devi. She is Padmavati. She is the wife of Sreemannarayana. She always accompanies Sreemannarayana. Sreemannarayana means righteousness. Goddess Lakshmi chooses only those who are righteous and pious. Such people would have good health and longevity.

In Tirumala Sreenivasa Kalyanam would be performed every day. It would be teaming with the activity of pious atmosphere and splendor.
Tirumala looks Ever Green with every day Auspicious Celebrations.

Kalyaanam means Subham, Mangalam, auspiciousness. The meaning of Kalyanam is providing good fortune or prosperity. The word Kalyaanam would also be used for marriage. Elders bless youngers as ‘Kalyanamastu’. That means they should prosper. Elders bless youngsters of marriageable age as ‘S’eeghrameva Kalyanapraptirastu’. That means they should get married soon and prosper. 

God descends on earth for Loka Kalyanam, Dushta S'ikshana and S'ishta Rakshana. It would be good and prosperous for the people if Kalyanam to the Divine is performed. Sins and bad would be destroyed. People would get prosperity, happiness and peace.

During every year on Chaitra s’uddha Navami, Sree Seeta Rama Kalyanam would be performed. The Kalyanam of Siva and Parvati would be performed on the day next to Sivaratri. Srinivasa Kalyanam would be performed on S’ravana Nakshatra day. But we can celebrate Kalyanam to Gods on any day of our choice. All the world would prosper if more Devine Kalyanams were performed. Because for the entire universe the origin is Paramaatma. This universe itself is Paramaatma. ‘Sarvam khalvidam Brahma’.

'Vrukshasya mula sechanat vruksho bhavati sinchitah' I
If we put water at the roots, the water would reach entire tree. The tree blooms. It gives flowers and fruits. Similarly if we perform Kalyanam to the Paramaatma, the origin of the universe, the fruits would reach the entire universe which is Paramatma Swarupam. The human beings and entire living creatures would prosper with happiness.

Separately living man and woman would be united by the marriage and they prosper. The ultimate result of Kalyanam is that they should get good children and spread the dynasty or creation. Though Prakruti and Paramatma appear to be different, Prakruti is nothing but the power of Parabrahma, which drives by remaining internally. The inner meaning of Kalyaanam is to highlight that Prakruti and Paramatma are one and the same. Paramaatma though is nirguna, nirakara and niranjana, He appears for the sake of devotees as Saguna and Saakara.

Chinmayasyaadviteeyasya nishkalasyaas’areerinih I
Upaasakaanaam kaaryaardham Brahmano rupakalpana II

Paramatma gave us this body, sense organics, mind and thoughts. All these faculties have power because of the power the Paramatma gave us. We should convey our thankfulness for having all these abilities to God by worshipping him. We should serve the God. We must praise and sing about the God with our mouth. We should do Pooja with hands. We must hear the Bhagavatkathas with our ears. We must see the Bhagavadrupa with our eyes. We must pray Bhagavan with our mind. All the Avataras of Sreemannarayana were for special purposes. He departed from that avatara once the purpose was served. But Sreemannarayana descended as Sree Venkateswara Swamy not with the purpose of annihilating any Rakshas but to bless us all till the end of Kaliyuga. He is our Archamurthi. That is the reason why we are organising Nitya Kalyanotsavas at Tirumala every day.

‘Utsavam’ means descending of Paramatma on to this earth from above. The attempt by us to attain Aadhyatmika Pragati is ‘Ut’. Ut means up. Every day hundreds of devotees would be performing Sree vari Kalyana Mahotsavas at Tirumala. It has become a tradition for the newly wedded couples to visit Tirumala and perform Sree Venkateswara Kalyanam. It is a belief that if they perform Sreenivasa Kalyanam at Tirumala, they would lead a long happy, prosperous and peaceful life.

There is another reason for celebrating the Kalyanotsavam at Tirumala. In the olden days, Sree Malayappa Swamy’s Kalyanotsavams were celebrated only on particular special occasions and during Brahmotsavas. But Tondaman Chakravarty started celebrating Kalyanotsavams every day.

But that tradition was discontinued after some time for some reason. But Sri Tallapaka Annamachrya restored the sampradaya. Since then, as a part of Arjita Sevas, this tradition of celebrating Kalyanamahotsavas on every day is continuing without any obstructions. Because of these Kalyanotsavas it is becoming possible for devotees to get the blessings of Jagat Kalyana Chakravaty Srnivasa.

Majority of devotees are participating in Sree Venkateswara Kalyanam out of many other all Arjita Sevas that are available at Tirumala. The organizers of the Padmavati Srinivasula Kalyanotsavam and the devotees who are seeing are immerced and getting immense happiness. The devotees who see the traditional worship, saying of prvara – reciting of the greatness of the elders of dynasty, keeping of small volume of paste comprising of jiggery & cumin on the heads, Mangala Sutra Dhaarana, Talambraalu, Mangala Haratulu at the Kalyanam, would be very happy to observe and enjoy. 

For those lakhs of devotees who cannot go to Tirumala and see Sree Venkateswara Kalyanotsavam, *Sri Srinivasa Kalyanam Trust and Dattagiri Maharaj Charitable Trust have together proposed to celebrate Sri Padmavati Sree Venkateswara Kalyana Mahotsavam at the Lal Bahadur Stadium in Hyderabad on 28-10-2018*. So all the devotees can visit and see Sri Padmavati Srinivasa Kalyanam and get blessed. 
Kalyanaadbhuta gaatraya kaamitartha Pradaayine I
Sreemadvenkatanaathaya s’rinivaasaaya mangalam II

By: Dr. T. Visalakshi,
Ph. No: 99 66 5290 33.


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